Glasgow's first cat cafe, in a city centre location!

Not for all the tea in China, could we even resist launching a café celebrating our huge love of cats, and a nice, fresh brew! Cats (猫). Tea (茶). You'll also be able to enjoy plenty of other drinks, plus tasty food — including vegetarian and vegan. Purrple Cat Café is opening its doors late 2017, as the ultimate place to meet and relax with (feline) friends.

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The Purrple Cat Café Club

Exclusive perks for our club members! No-one is more passionate about felines than Purrple Cat Café and our raving fans! We'll be so much more than just a café with cats. In fact, we plan on becoming a Glasgow institution!

Our first month of opening is only for Members. So, join our growing human and cat family by becoming a Purrple Cat Club Member, and get your paws on all the perks! You can even gift a subscription to someone.

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