Contrary to popular belief, unlike dog cafes, the cats in the café actually live here, so we can’t allow people to bring their own cats.
We don't allow outside food in the cafe.
The cafe is the cats' home. They are free to roam the place, just as they would be in your home. They are not allowed in any of the food preparation, cooking or storage areas. They have beds throughout the place, though they often end up sleeping in a booth, on a sofa, up a tree, in a hammock... where ever they are comfy really, they are cats after all!
We have a variety of security measures in place to make sure the cats are safe when you’re not here. This includes on site security and CCTV.
The Welfare Charge is paid for at the time of booking (rates below). This goes towards the upkeep of our cats, providing things like the cats' food, vet bills, litter, toys etc. Any food or drinks purchased in the café must be paid for separately on the day. There are some special events, and the price of these may vary, so check when booking.

Weekdays: £8 per person (£1 for Members)
Weekends: £10 per person (£5 for Members)
We strongly advise booking, especially at weekends which tend to be fully booked for most of the day, and around lunchtimes. We will, however, allow walk ins, if we have space. Booking is available here.
Our first 2 groups of cats were adopted from CATFLAP, and further additions to the family have joined us from backgrounds and situations all over the country. We aim to rescue groups of cats, as we have the luxury of space, and the ability to keep the family together furrever.
Yes! We offer a range of plant milk alternatives for hot drinks at no extra charge too.
Always! There are enough cats out there looking for new homes, so we don’t need to add to them. The cats are also checked over regularly and have things like viral swabs, faecal egg counts and other routine testing, to ensure they are in tip top condition.
Yes. The customer area of the café is all at ground floor level, including the WC which is fitted with additional handrails and wide doors to allow access for larger wheelchairs too. Please let us know when booking if you have a wheelchair or other mobility aid, as this allows us to seat you appropriately (and not behind other chairs and tables for example).
We are proud to offer non clinical EMS placements for veterinary students, allowing them to build a unique workplace their portfolio of work places during their training. We also allow a very small number of volunteer placements for people who would benefit from it. If you’d like to apply for a placement, please email jo@purrplecatcafe.com with a short message about why you’d like to volunteer.
Firstly, don’t pet a cat and then rub your eye – rookie mistake! In all seriousness, make sure you wash your hands and avoid touching your face and eyes. We do our utmost to ensure that there is a minimal amount of hair around the place, and we clean throughout the day using HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners. If you have any concerns about allergies, you may wish to take some antihistamines or speak to your pharmacist or GP.
We try to ensure the cats have a variety of different toys and (healthy) treats to keep them happy and stimulated. Due to Covid 19, we have removed a lot of our usual toys from around the café, to avoid people touching them repeatedly. For the moment, you are welcome to bring in your own feather sticks and toys, provided you take them away with you, and they don’t have catnip on them. Please note that we do not allow catnip in the café as it makes some of our boys incredibly upset and aggressive. Also, we have a wish list should you wish to buy/donate any gifts. This can be found here.
Ehh… Naw. How would you feel if someone came into your house and lifted you up from your snooze on the sofa? You will see our staff cuddling and lifting cats at times. These are people that the cats are familiar with, and they are with them all day, so are aware just how much handling each cat has had in any given day. If a cat chooses to come up to you for a snuggle, then feel free to let them sit on your lap, stroke them or let them rub themselves along your legs, but don’t wake a sleeping cat, or pick one up unless a Cattendant asks you to.
We admit a small number of well-behaved children aged over 5 into the cafe at a time. We ask that you ensure you have no more than 2 children per adult. We reserve the right to ask the parents or guardians of any boisterous children to remove the child from the premises if they are in any way upsetting the cats.
Our priority is the cats at all times.
We currently invite those with smaller guests (aged 5 and under) to visit on Saturday mornings at 9.30am. This is a popular time slot so we strongly encourage booking as far ahead as possible to avoid disappointment. As with older children, we are here to help teach the little ones how to behave appropriately around the cats, and this includes asking parents & carers to remove any boisterous children from the cafe until they are able to be calm. If you have any questions about Toddler Friendly Sessions, feel free to email us booking@purrplecatcafe.com
Not at the moment. If you’d like to be updated with when we open recruitment, please join our mailing list at the bottom of the page.
The cats are most active first thing in the morning, so if you want a bit of interaction, then the earlier the better! If you prefer to have a more relaxing visit, amongst sleeping cats, you may prefer afternoons when the cats are sleepier.
No, we just ask that you don't wear heavy boots or sharp heels for safety reasons.