Contrary to popular belief, unlike dog cafes, the cats in the café actually live here, so we can’t allow people to bring their own cats.
Outside food and drinks are not permitted.
The cafe is the cats' home. They are free to roam the place, just as the would be in your home. They are not allowed in any of the food preparation, cooking or storage areas. They have beds throughout the place, though they often end up sleeping in a booth, on a sofa, up a tree, in a hammock... where ever they are comfy really, they are cats after all!
We have a variety of security measures in place to make sure the cats are safe. Besides, the cafe used to be a bank so it is very secure. We hope to open a live stream at some point to allow our customers to keep up with what the cats are doing through the night.
Our cats eat a variety of wet and dry food. Cats need different nutrients to many other animals, and a lot of those are only found in fortified dry foods. We also suppliment with cooked chicken and fish, and the cats have access to fresh water at various sources throughout the building.
We operate a double door lock system. The main door cannot be opened unless the inner door is closed, and this is never opened if there are cats nearby. Likewise, there are always a minimum of 2 fire doors between the cats and the fire exit downstairs.
No. The cats living here have made the cafe their forever home. We are working closely with CATFLAP, a Glasgow based charity who facilitate adoptions of rescue cats in Glasgow. We continue to support them and make regular contributions to the welfare of their cats. If you are considering adopting a cat, we can put you in touch with them.
The basic cover charge will be £5 per person. This will cover things like the cats' food, vet bills, litter, toys etc. There will be some special events, and the price of these may vary, so check when booking.
We strongly advise booking, especially at weekends which tend to be fully booked for most of the day. We will, however, allow walk ins, if we have space. Booking is now open here.
We are now open to members and non-members!
We have a variety of sources. All of the older cats are a mixture of rescue cats. We do not rehome rescue cats who have been mistreated by humans, as they need a far quieter and calmer environment. We work closely CATFLAP to assist with rehoming and adoption enquiries. If you think you can offer a home to a mistreated cat, either through adoption or fostering, we can put you in touch with them.
Yes! We will cater to many dietary requirements, and will always aim to have plenty of choices that are suitable for vegetarian and vegan guests, as well as gluten free and other allergen free choices. We will be going Vegan for the month of January in support of Veganuary, and would encourage you to have a think about doing so as well, after all, what's a month in the span of life? We will have a good selection of non dairy milk alternatives, and vegan alternatives even after Veganuary, including the very popular Oatly Barista! If you have any specific dietary requirements, please feel free to contact us here at least 48hours before your booking, and we will endeavour to cater to your needs.
We believe that there are already plenty of cats out there, and we certainly do not want to add to that uneccesarily. To that end, we ensure that all of our cats have been speyed or neutered, and we support charities which help to finance free or low cost speying and neutering to low income families. All of our cats are also microchipped and up to date with all worming, flea treatments and vaccinations. Our vets check the cats weekly and are on call for any urgent health needs. All of our staff are also trained in pet first aid.
The entire customer area is on ground floor level, with an accessible entrance. We would ask that you indicate when booking if you have a wheelchair, to allow us to seat you at an accessible table.
We will not be accepting volunteers in 2017. We may accept school pupils for work experience from 2018, and are looking into arranging wellness therapy through Scottish charities working with mental and physical health issues. If you would like to apply for work experience, volunteering or to would like to discuss wellness sessions – send us an email
We do our utmost to ensure that there is a minimal amount of hair around the place, and we clean throughout the day using HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners. If you have any concerns about allergies, you may wish to take some antihistamines or speak to your pharmacist or GP.
We try to make sure that the cats have a specific and well maintained diet, so we do not allow guests to feed the cats with outside products. We provide a wide array of stimulating toys for them, but if you think there is anything else that they might be interested in, please let us know! Also, we have a wish list should you wish to buy/donate any gifts. This will be online soon.
Not without being told to do so. How would you feel if someone came into your house and lifted you up from your snooze on the sofa? You will see our staff cuddling and lifting cats at times. These are people that the cats are familiar with, and they are with them all day, so are aware just how much handling each cat has had in any given day. If a cat chooses to come up to you for a snuggle, then feel free to let them sit on your lap, stroke them or let them rub themselves along your legs, but don’t wake a sleeping cat, or pick one up unless a Cattendant asks you to.
We admit a small number of children aged over 5 into the cafe each session. We ask that you ensure you have no more than 1 children per adult. If there are going to be more than 4 under 10’s in your party, please contact us before booking so we can try to limit the number of other children in that particular session. We reserve the right to ask the parents or guardians of any boisterous children to remove the child from the premises if they are in any way upsetting the cats. Our priority is the cats at all times.
Applications are no longer being taken.