Our Cats would like to welcome you to our Purrple Home. We would appreciate if you could help us keep things running smoothly by following our House Rules. If you have any children with you, please scroll down to read our Rules for Wee Guests below.

By entering our Premises, you agree to abide by our house rules. Anyone found to be breaching these rules, may be asked to leave. The manager’s decision is final on this matter, our cats are always our priority.

• Check your shoes! Heavy boots, and stiletto heels are a no-no. You can bring your own slippers or socks, (and we will have some of these on sale in future). We also provide shoe covers if needed.

• Please wash your own paws before and after touching our kitty’s paws (or any other parts of the cats).

• No outside food or drinks are allowed.

• Never wake a sleeping cat. If you try this, our Cattendants may find and wake you at 3am the following day… kidding (maybe not though).

• Do not feed the cats, and keep your food in the lidded box provided until you are ready to eat.

• If a cat pesters you for food, please remember they are very good liars! They have all been very well fed. We provide covers to protect your food. If a cat is bothering you when you are eating, please feel free to ask a member of staff to help remove them, do not lift our cats

• Do not bring in any catnip or toys from outside. If you want to hand in toys, we will keep what we can, and pass on anything we can’t use to CATFLAP.

• Don’t chase, pull or hold on to cats.

• We do allow handling of our more friendly cats, however we would ask you to let them come to you for cuddles, or wait for a Cattendant to bring a cat to you. This may not happen at every session, as it is dependant on the mood of the cats at the time. Please be aware that cats are unpredictable by nature, and may on occasion scratch or bite. If you handle cats, you do so at your own risk. Purrple Cat Café do not accept liability for injuries sustained when handling cats.

• Take as many photos as you like, using #PurrpleCatCafe on social media, so we can see them too! But please, no flash photography.

• Speak softly and do not shout.

• Always listen to our Cattendants and follow instructions from them.

If you have any other questions, please check out our FAQ section or email


We admit a small number of wee guests at a time into our Purrple Home, and we would ask the adults who bring the wee guests to ensure the kids are familiar with how to behave around our cats.

The following rules MUST be followed to ensure the comfort and safety of our cats at all times. Any wee guest who does not follow the rules, or who doesn’t listen to our Cattendants, may be asked to leave the session and not permitted to re-enter that day. This does not mean that they are banned, as they are permitted to visit again in future, if they stick to the rules. If they are persistently not listening on several occasions, they may be banned from future visits.

• Don’t pick up cats.

• Don’t chase, pull or grab cats.

• Don’t touch a cat’s ears, eyes, mouth or bottom.

• Listen to Cattendants, as they know the cats very well.

• Please wash your hands before and after touching cats.

• Please keep the noise down! No screaming, shouting or loud noises which may frighten our cats.