Looking for the Purrfect job? Look no further

We are ready to welcome new Cattendants to Team Purrple!

Before we go any further – if you want to cuddle cats all day, we would really love to see you in the café, but as a customer. Contrary to popular assumption, the Cattendant role is almost exclusively cleaning and looking after our guests, not cuddling kitties.

The Cattendant role involves face to face interaction with the public. For any position within Purrple Cat Café, you will be looking after our guests, and be able to work effectively within a fast-paced hospitality team.

Your day will involve a variety of tasks including; cleaning litter trays, scraping Gilbert’s snot from the walls, washing floors by hand, cleaning toilets, washing cats’ bedding & living areas as well as all the cleaning associated with looking after our guests and serving food. On other days you will be working in the kitchen or bar preparing food and drinks efficiently. You’ll be answering the phone, confirming, and amending bookings, taking payments and handling enquiries efficiently, and there are always plenty of other tasks to keep you busy. We have a very short window of time to serve our customers & make their experience Purrfect – you will be committed to ensuring their visit is the best it can be, whilst making sure customers are aware of and follow our House Rules.

Cattendants are known for their warm hospitality, so to apply for this role, you will already be able to interact with humans in a friendly, professional manner. This includes speaking on the telephone and smiling.

If you have not recently worked within the hospitality industry, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY. This role is only available to those with previous hospitality experience.

Job Descriptions (click to download and read the role(s) you are applying for) :

General Mewnager (36Hrs)
Cattendant (Bank / 12Hrs / 20Hrs / 25Hrs)

If you have read through the job description and you think you’ve got what it takes; hit the button below to apply! Please prove that you can follow specific instructions by filling out the application form and putting the letters “ICAN” before your postcode in the address field of the form. Applications which don’t meet these criteria will not be read and will be virtually poop scooped! Attention to detail is vitally important to us.

Rate of Pay begins at £9.90. Staff receive a discount of 50% on all food, drinks and merchandise as well as enjoying free sessions at the cat café which can be shared with friends or family.

And, you get to work with some of the friendliest cats in town!

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