Looking for the Purrfect job? Look no further

We are looking for Full Time & Part Time Cattendants

Job title :


Job Description :

90% cleaning. Cleaning up after cats is not for the faint hearted! Purrhaps you have cats at home, in which case you should be used to a certain amount of cleaning (we hope!). Either way - cleaning at Purrple Cat Café is on a much bigger scale – add in a few long-haired cats, some geriatric cats who might get lost on the way to the litter box, and that’s not even considering the thousands of humans who visit the café every month. And humans are messy too! Everything from carpets and upholstery to floors and windows are cleaned daily, and we are a café, so there’s the food service stuff to deal with.

You’ll need to be calm in a crisis – sick or injured animals don’t need a human freaking out, so you’ll have to put your feelings on pause, and deal with the paws!

The ideal Cattendant will be able to work well with others, taking direction from supervisors and using your initiative too. The café is a fast-paced environment, so we need people who can think on their feet, whilst maintaining the relaxing calm of the café for our guests.

Barista, Kitchen or Bar experience is essential. Communication is a key part of the role, as you will have to repeat our welcome speech many times throughout a day, often to large groups of people, and to non-native English speakers. An ability to read a cat’s body language is also essential.

If you've read through this description, and think you've got what it takes; hit the button below to apply. Please prove that you are able to follow instructions by filling out the application form and putting your surname (and only your surname) in CAPITAL letters. We always get lots of applications and this will help us whittle down the numbers a bit!

What we give in return :

You’ll be paid monthly in arrears at a rate of £9 per hour. You’ll be given 6 weeks of paid holiday each year. Meals, drinks and snacks are provided on shift, and you’ll have a Staff discount of 50% on all food, drinks and merchandise. Staff also enjoy free sessions at the cat café, which can be shared with friends or family.

And, you get to work with the friendliest cats in town!

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