We admit a small number of wee guests at a time into our Purrple Home, and we would ask the adults who bring the wee guests to ensure the kids are familiar with how to behave around our cats.

The following rules MUST be followed to ensure the comfort and safety of our cats at all times. Any wee guest who does not follow the rules, or who doesn’t listen to our Cattendants, may be asked to leave the session and not permitted to re-enter that day. This does not mean that they are banned, as they are permitted to visit again in future, if they stick to the rules. If they are persistently not listening on several occasions, they may be banned from future visits.

• Don’t pick up cats.

• Don’t chase, pull or grab cats.

• Don’t touch a cat’s ears, eyes, mouth or bottom.

• Listen to Cattendants, as they know the cats very well.

• Please wash your hands before and after touching cats.

• Please do not touch sleeping cats.

• Please do not run in the cafe.

• Please keep the noise down! No screaming, shouting or loud noises which may frighten our cats.